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Welcome to CW (Candlewhacks!)

We're glad you've found your way here and are looking to find out more about the little thing we have going on!

How did CW start?

So where to start? The very start! CW was born in January 2019 when one of our founders stumbled upon a gift they had put at the back of their wardrobe, that gift was a DIY simple candle making kit! The outcome? Poorly scented, black smoke emitting uselessness.

Though the result was disappointing, the process was intriguing and fun so an upgraded kit with custom oils was purchased and this is where CW was born. The now co-founder of CW that is interested in graphic design, tried some of the candles and was astonished with the quality and scent reproduction; this is when it clicked, we have a thing here!

How is CW different to the many MANY candle retailers out there?

Both co-founders are a mix of eclectic energies and didn't always connect to the strong trends of minimalist, scandinavian architectures within products, specifically candles and home fragrance. Through our packaging we wanted to change this and celebrate not having to fit the trends and to truly enjoy the product you're using. This doesn't mean we don't like these products as we adore our Luxe range, we just don't want this to be the only option to choose from!

From the beginning, our products have used natural soy wax and eco-friendly oils that are friendlier to the environment and are free from both animal products and cruelty. 

Price? Don't get us started! Let's just say here at CW we believe you can have a great product and pay a great price for it too. 

Still not convinced? That's fine, we aren't here to pressure people into buying our products, we want you to buy them because you truly love them and they will bring you joy!

How come you have an LGBT+ Themed collection?

Both being a part of the LGBT+ community, we feel underrepresented in many formats and miss the dynamic energies from queer-pop and LGBT+ culture. We celebrate differences in individuals and implore them to bask in it! 

We have tons of mugs, t-shirts and pictures that celebrate this so we like to think, why not bring this in a totally new and different format? Also, our LGBT+ range includes a donation to charity from the profits of sales so it enables us to give back!



Designed & Hand-Poured in Leicestershire, UK.

100% Vegan + Cruelty Free

Free UK Shipping On Orders £30+