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Tears Of A Drag Queen

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Carefully collected from Drag Queens... (Joke!). Open up this candle to reveal sugar balls, glitter and love hearts that melt down to create a pink wax top that slowly changes back to cream. The sugar balls remain throughout the duration of burning and CANNOT be eaten, *rolls eyes* we know!

Scent/Burn Time

This joyous scent is a take on the popular Snow Fairy scent. Bubblegum & banana collide with vanilla and pear drops for a super fruity mix. Love hearts and the star provide a scent burst of candy floss that dissipates for a dual smelling candle. 

Burn Time

This candle has an estimated burn time of 10 hours.

*To maximise burn time ensure that the candle is burned in intervals of at least 2 hours. Wicks should be trimmed before every reburn. Drafts can cause uneven burning, thus affecting burn time. 

130g Net Weight.

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Designed & Hand-Poured in Leicestershire, UK.

100% Vegan + Cruelty Free

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