Sashay Away!

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A selection of our favourite ICONIC drag slogans combined with the colours of the pride flag. Each Tin has one of our best selling scents that fill your room generously.

Each design has a semi-transparent background that we think you will love!

As we are heading into Pride season, we want to give back to our local community so we will be donating £0.50p (set purchase will total a £3 donation) from each sale to a LGBTQIA+ charity within the Leicestershire area. We will announce which charities we have donated to monthly by our social media accounts. 

Scent Description

Suns out, washings out! On a rainy day, light this scent up for top notes of pine and lemon that are undertoned by middle notes of jasmine and gardena. Musk is introduced in the base notes with a hint of cedarwood.

130g Net Weight.