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No.3 - Basil + Ginger

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"Naturals" is a collection of finely crafted scents that are designed for people that want to get back to basics and enjoy revitalisation through simplistic, refreshing scents. Kraft paper labels and simple typography marry on a simplistic lidded amber jar. The crackling wooden wick also gives this candle a homely and relaxing feel. 

Scent/Burn Time

A homely candle with top notes of basil and tarragon, and middle notes of ginger, jasmine and green wood. The scent is then finished off with bottom notes of white musk and cloves.

*To maximise burn time ensure that the candle is burnt in intervals of at least 2 hours. Wicks should be trimmed before every reburn (ideal length of wood wick is 1.5-2mm above the set wax level) Drafts can cause uneven burning, thus affecting burn time. 

320g Net Weight.


Designed & Hand-Poured in Leicestershire, UK.

100% Vegan + Cruelty Free

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